Please read on to find out all the exciting things we have been taking part in at Barlows.

Autumn Term Stay and Play

Friday 6th October 2017 was our first stay and play. It was a great success and an excellent turn out by parents and family as always. The children enjoyed showing their family members around our environment and taking part in different activities.

Reception – Patterns

This week in Reception we have been busy thinking about repeating patterns. We have used our knowledge of repeating patterns in a range of activities. During our computer sessions we practised using the mouse to click and drag the correct shape to complete the pattern. Then in the classroom we have been printing repeating patterns. Mrs Bird helped us to create our own snack this week too. We practised cutting up different fruits to make fruit Kebabs and we even designed them to have a repeating pattern!

Reception – P.E.

Today the reception children did a great job when getting changed into their PE kit for their first PE lesson. The children enjoyed going into the ball park for the first time. The children practised following instructions when playing the ‘traffic light’ game and the ‘Beans’ game.

Nursery – Settling In

The Nursery children have been busy over the last couple of weeks settling into school and their new learning environment. They have been engaged in a variety of opportunities to develop their imagination, teamwork, turn taking and social interaction skills. The children are all becoming competent with the new routines that are in place and this has been evident throughout the transitions they have each made. We have included a selection of photographs that have been taken throughout our settling in weeks.

Reception – Number Line

We have created our own number line to display in our classroom. We made sure we counted the right amount of children to match the numbers in each picture.

Reception – Counting

This week we have been practising one to one correspondence. We have practised lining the objects up we are counting and ensuring we touch one object as we say each number.

My First Lunch

The children started their first full week in Reception and stayed for dinner. The children enjoyed having pizza, wedges and beans. They were able to order their lunch and carry it to their table.

When I Grow Up

The children decided what they wanted to be when they grow up on their first day in school.