New topic: Ancient Greeceffff

When did the Ancient Greeks live?
Do you know any Ancient Greek myths?
What colours are the Greek flag?

As part of our Ancient Greek topic we have been making film trailers. We learned all about the Greek Myth ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. We then studied different trailers to find out about the different features and techniques used. We found out that the film title always appears near the end of a trailer, the date of when it’s out in cinemas is included and that the scenes are very short and dramatic. We were then able to design our own trailer for the myth.

We were lucky enough to even film our trailers and edit them on an app called ‘iMovie’ on the iPad. It took a while but the end result is fantastic. They look like real trailers you see in the cinema!

Use a QR reader on your Smart Phone or iPad to scan and view our trailers!

We hope you like them!