In this section you can find out about some of our exciting iPad Projects.

Apple Stop Field Trips – Coding with Swift Playgrounds and Sphero

This Autumn a group of our Year 6 pupils visited the Apple Liverpool One Store to take part in a fantastic Apple Fieldtrip. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning how to code with Swift Playgrounds and even had teh opportunity programme a set of Spheros!


GarageBand – Battle of the Bands

During the summer term, a group of our year 6 pupils have been working with David Kirtlan (Apple Professional Learner) and MCC digital to develop their music and performance skills using iPads. On 4th July 2019, the children competed in a GarageBand competition at the Capstone Theatre, performing the Bon Jovi song, Livin’ on a Prayer

The project aimed to introduce and engage children with making music in a fun and exciting way, developing skills and knowledge that transfer directly from the iPad to instruments.

They also developed listening skills, arranging skills, creating an understanding of how an ensemble works and experiencing what it feels like to perform in a theatre.


Developing our photography skills

Some of our pupils have been developing their photography skills using iPad and the inbuilt grid setting and portrait mode. Take a look at some of their photographs below.