Barlows Bites

Dear visitors to our website,

We would like to present ‘Barlows Bites’.

Barlows Bites is a young enterprise company based at Barlows Primary School. The company is led by a team of dedicated year 6 pupils who are committed to selling healthy snacks to Key Stage 2 pupils at Barlows Primary School.

Starting on Thursday 30th Januray 2020, our healthy snack shop will be open to pupils in Year 3 and 6 during morning break only, on the school playground. Currently all snacks are just 50p for bags and bars and 70p for Jelly Squeeze or Fruity Pots.

Children who would like to purchase a snack, should bring 50p or 70p  cash in on the day they wish to purchase. Please note, we can only accept coins (no notes please).

The children have developed their own business plan which they presented to a team of governors and the school bursar, for approval.


Company Structure

The company is split into six key roles:

  • Company Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Advertising and Marketing Manager
  • Stock Control Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Research Manager

Company Aims

The company aims are:

  • To promote healthier lifestyles
  • To encourage children to eat healthier snacks
  • To raise funds for the school
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills


Our Products

The company update their range of products every few weeks by listening to feedback from their customers and carrying out consumer research.

Please note, products may vary owing to available stock.



Please note that as with many snacks, some products may contain ingredients that some children could be allergic to, such as: sesame, soya, milk, egg, mustard, celery, sulphites and gluten.

Catering for everyone’s needs is really important to Snack-o-licious. Information relating to ingredients and allergies can be found in a document here:

Product Information – Allergies

Please ensure your child is fully aware of any products you do not wish them to have owing to allergies or personal choices.