Passport Around the Worldffff

Have you ever been to a different country on holiday?
How did it compare to where you live?
Do you know of any famous landmarks from around the world?

In our topic this term we have been finding out where we live in the world. We have been learning about the different continents and researching countries creating fact files.

We have studied key landmarks from around the world creating art work for display and we have also enjoyed a visit from Jon Lenton, who taught us how to build these key landmarks using Mine Craft in our computing lesson.

In DT we have been designing and making eye masks!

First we looked at comfort packs that are given on airlines. We designed our own eye mask for our airline and then made it using a variety of materials including felt, elastic, sequins, buttons and thread. We have been improving our sewing skills during this unit of work!

Here are some pictures of us making our masks.