Barlows PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

Joining the PTA is an excellent way to bring together parents, teachers and your local community to raise money and to support the school. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal.

All parents, teachers and school staff can get involved even if they only have a small amount of time available.


What Does a PTA Do?

PTA activity can vary from school to school. Here at Barlows, the PTA have helped raise funds for a range of school items, from Reception outdoor equipment to Y6 leaver’s gifts, as well as raising money through cake sales and stalls at the Fun Day. These funds benefit all children in the school and are used for the following purposes:

  • to help the school provide resources and extras for the pupils
  • to run social events for parents and children
  • to provide support for school trips and outings and other special events
  • to run after school clubs

If you feel that you have some time (no matter how little) and would like to join the PTA, please contact the school office, who will be happy to assist. Extended family and friends of the school are also very welcome to join our PTA.


Barlows Primary School PTA Committee Members

Chair Person : Clare McGorian
Vice Chair Person:
Treasurer: Cathy Hood
Secretary: Jan Berrington
Social Media and Communications: Harri Moran Y Lasierra
School Staff Representative: Stacey Feenan
Committee Members:
Vicki Burkett
Victoria Calvert
Natalie Berrington
Laura McGavin
Lynsey Tinsley
Catherine Brownrigg
Jessica O’Rouke
Lisa Saunders
Emma Molloy

Recent Fundraising Events

Christmas Fundraiser – Christmas Grotto and Christmas Cards

Our Christmas fundraiser took place in December. This included the sale of Christmas Cards and
the fantastic grotto donated by Steve Chadwick of 0151 Entertainments. The funds raised from
this event will be are being used to buy Maths and Geography resources for the school.

Easter Fundraiser – Easter Egg Decorating Competition
As part of our Easter fundraising activities, the PTA ran a special egg decorating competition.
Families were invited to take part in our Egg Decorating competition for £1 donation per entry.
Winners were drawn out of a hat to receive some fantastic prizes which included some lovely
Easter hampers donated by one of our PTA parents.

The children’s competition entries all looked fantastic. You can view the entries in the gallery

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