Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

At Barlows we are clear about what we want our curriculum to achieve for the community of children we serve from the Fazakerley area.

Children, parents and staff are united in agreeing key elements that constitute our curriculum intent.

Our curriculum intent is to:

  • develop pupil vocabulary and their confidence to use it
  • be broad, balanced and enriched
  • link knowledge and skills across different subjects
  • show pupils the links between knowledge, skills and real life employment opportunities
  • develop knowledge on the rich range of cultures that make up the city of Liverpool
  • inspire


Curriculum Implementation

Jenny Moon (1999) and her work on the five stages of learning, guides the way in which we implement our topic based curriculum.


In relation to Stage 1, we begin each topic with a ‘Launch Event’, which is designed to trigger interest from the pupils. This is used as a catalyst to progress through stages 2 – 4.

In relation to Stage 5, pupils take part in an ‘end of topic’ project. The project requires them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired that term to a different context, formulating new ideas of their own.

Leaders are committed to bringing all teachers together to plan for the following half-term as a collective group so ideas, expertise and knowledge can be shared. The results of these sessions can be seen in the medium term plans published on our website.


Curriculum Impact

At the end of each topic, staff reflect on what impact the curriculum and its implementation has had on pupils’ learning. Further developments are reflected upon as are aspects that proved highly effective. These inform our ongoing curriculum intent and future implementation.