Year 6 Visit Liverpool John Moores University – November 2019

Children in Year 6 visited JMU for a day in the life of a university student. Children explored the campus and sat in a lecture theatre as well as taking part in marketing, midwifery and animal behaviour workshops.During the marketing workshop, children worked in small groups to develop their understanding of the 4p’s of marketing to create their own chocolate bar. Children discussed the possible future careers available from studying marketing.

In the animal behaviour workshop, Year 6 found out about some of the aspects involved in a Zoology course. The children discussed different animal behaviours such as hibernation, migration and camouflage- studying the extraordinary case of the mimic octopus!

Whilst learning about midwifery, the children handled different medical equipment such as stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors and found out about working in different places such as hospitals and within the community. The children enjoyed learning about a baby’s growth throughout gestation by comparing the baby to the sizes of different fruits and vegetables.

Many children have come back to school feeling inspired about their futures and some have even looked further into some of their interests. Holly said “I went onto the university website when I got home to find out more information about midwifery as this is something I think I would like to do when I am older.”