The Reception children enjoyed welcoming Charlotte and Christian from Vets 4 Pets Aintree. Charlotte talked to the children about her typical day and the different animals she would help. Charlotte showed the children how she would give a dog a check up and the children got to practise their bandaging skills when pretending to mend a dogs broken bone. The children looked at a range of xrays and were very good at identifying which animal they were from.  Most of the children were very keen to stroke Ben and Bill the lively Guinea Pigs Charlotte had brought with her. As the children stroked the Guinea Pigs Charlotte and Christian talked about how to care for pets such as Guinea Pigs and Rabbits and what they need to eat.


The Reception children thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit from the Community Police Officers, PC Tom and PC Adam. The children asked questions about the Police Officers uniform and equipment. They were keen to try on a range of hats and jackets and explore some of the equipments such as the hand cuffs and radios. The highlight of the visit was when the children were able to explore the Police van and even got to sit in the cells in the back. This visit has stimulated the creation of a class Police Station and children have been keen to create their own props, such as hand cuffs to support their role play.


As part of their learning about living healthy lifestyles, Reception had a special visit from a chef. He spent time explaining to the children the skills and knowledge he uses in preparing food that is safe to eat and healthy.