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This page will be updated weekly with a range of learning activities, which you can access with your child to support their Learning at Home.

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Reception Home Learning Planner 20 04 20 (Updated)

Rec Links Only 20 04 20


Reception Home Learning Planner 27.04.20 

Reception Links Only 27.04.20


Reception Home Learning Planner 04.05.20

Reception Links Only 04.05.20

Reception The Very Busy Spider – Comprehension


Reception Home Learning Planner wc 11.05.20

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Beth Tweddle Values – Week 1 TEAMWORK

PSHE-60 daily challenge




Reception Home Learning Planner wc 18.05.20

Reception Links Only wc 18.05.20

Rosie’s Walk -Comprehension Questions

Rosies Walk Story Map Examples

Beth Tweddle Values – Week 2FRIENDSHIP




Reception Home Learning Planner wc 25.05.20

Reception Links Only wc 25.05.20

Rosie’s Walk Sentence Writing

Tricky Words

Beth Tweddle Values – Week 3 FUN (1)




Reception Home Learning Planner wc 01.06.20

Reception Links Only wc 01.06.20

Houses and homes description powerpoint

Types of houses and homes powerpoint

Houses and Homes Vocabulary

House word mat

Comparing Numbers 1-20

Local Walk Observation Sheet

Around the house scavenger hunt




Reception Home Learning Planner wc 08.06.20

Reception Links Only wc 08.06.20

Safety at Home

Parts of a House Word Mat

My House Sentence Writing

Houses Around the World Powerpoint

Homes around the world are not all the same

2D Shape Scavenger Hunt


Reception Home Learning Planner wc 15.06.20

Reception Links Only wc 15.06.20

At home writing stimulus

3D shape properties

3D Shape Scavenger Hunt

3D Shape Worksheet

Examples of House Crafts

Household items from the past powerpoint




Reception Home Learning Planner wc 22.06.20

Reception Links Only wc 22.06.20

Eyfs Halving Toys

Eyfs Solving Problems Halving

Ladybird Halving

Real Life Halves Photos

Short OO words

Phoneme spotter OO

Stay Safe with Thomas ebook

Yellow Submarine Colouring

Liverpool Landmarks

Examples of Submarine Crafts

Bees in the Garden





Reception Home Learning Planner wc 29.06.20

Reception Links Only wc 29.06.20

All about Recycling Information

Five ways I can help the earth

How to make a recycled bottle car activity

Michael Recycle Reading Comprehension

Recycle poster

Recycled Items Scavenger Hunt

Recycling sorting activity

Staying safe on the internet





Reception Home Learning Planner wc 06.7.20

Reception Links Only wc 06.07.20

Story Map Example and Character cut outs

Traffic survey

Transport sorting activity 

EYFS Road Safety PowerPoint

Mr Gumpy’s Outing Comprehension

One more, One Less number sheet





Reception Home Learning Planner wc 13.07.20

Reception Links Only wc 13.07.20

Transport Writing Activity

Car Colour Survey

End of Year Memories

Memory Jar

Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car Comprehension

My Wish for Year 1

Number line addition

Number line subtraction

Past and Present Transport


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